Louella’s Toffee


Candy……we know we shouldn’t eat it but we all want a sweet treat now and then. Good news is that Louella’s Toffee and Treats are all homemade and a lot healthier than the junk you get in the store. Everything is either organic or gluten free; a lot are both.  Jo Rodefer is the award winning candy maker at Louella’s.

So…if Jo is the candy maker, who is Louella? Louella was Jo’s mom who, at Christmas time, spent hours in the kitchen making lots of different candies; everyone’s favorite was what she called Almond Roca. Louella passed away December 2012. The following month California passed the Cottage Food Law and Jo decided to go for it. She started with her mom’s classic recipe, got creative and now has 12 different varieties of toffee. Then she did the same thing with marshmallows!

There is always something new and fun at her MPO booth.  Visit Louella’s Homemade Toffee and Treats to sample the classics as well as the crazy ones.  You can also find her at local Craft Fairs and Events.

Jo is a sweet addition to The Farmory!