Changes to Membership


Looking back over the last year, we stand in amazement at what we have built.  The very best part is the sense of Community.  Like-minded folks, gathering together, on a fairly regular basis, and getting to know one another.

We know we lost a few members when we moved to Columbia.  It is simply too far to drive each week.  We certainly understand that, but miss seeing you.  Please come back!

We have been looking at the “books” for the last year with a consultant and we will have to make a few changes.  We still intend to have the very best prices overall on organic items anywhere in town, except when the “big guys” run a loss-leader sale, or Grocery Outlet has some random organic items.

We understand a big membership fee, due once a year, is difficult for many of you, so we are going to change to a  $8 Monthly Membership Card. You can buy the Membership Card at anytime during the month, or skip the months that you won’t be placing an order.

Remember, you only need to be a Member to PRE-ORDER your items, or shop in the Members Only room.  You can still shop without being a member.

The BEST way to get you groceries is to pay the Membership Fee and actually pre-order your groceries.  The  pre-order margin will remain at 17% (or less) on all of the companies that we use.  Azure Standard is, by far, our largest supplier, and I  will be adding a  Split Fee to help pay the helpers.  This will probably be 4% of your order.

We understand this is not what we said we were going to do, but overall we think it is better if we actually can stay in business. The overhead is just higher that we anticipated in the new location. (Welcome to the business world, right?)

George and I appreciate your continued support.  Overall, it has been a wonderful year.  Sometimes the days are long, and the project list seems to have no end in sight, but we get to work together, as a family, almost every day!  Building any business is hard, but we are willing to continue, with you, in this adventure.

We are looking forward to the New Year with anticipation of what is to come!

To Your Health in the New Year.

George, Arleen, Zoe and Zane.


and as a reminder…. here is where we started, just 1 year ago.. 🙂