We are Thankful

Today, I am Thank-full.

I serve a God that is loving and just.

My husband and I cheerfully manage this beast called “Mountain People Organics” that has consumed our lives.  During the last year, we have grown and changed and are excited to see what another year brings our way.

geo and I

As a family, we spend every day together.  My homeschooled kids have had a thorough year of Entrepreneur Classes.   They are healthy and growing in wisdom and stature daily.  We have learned to love all kinds of folks.  My eldest son is healthy and productive and has grown into an incredible man.  We are a healthy family, we eat well, we have clean water to drink, we are warm and secure in our homes.

DSC_6549   zane  zoe3

We are helping to build a Community that is kinder and more caring of one another, because we are actually getting to know one another.

We live in a land where freedom actually means something.  I am free to build my business.  The success of the last year would not have been possible in many places around the globe.  I am free to attend the church of my choice, or not. I am free to criticize the government and speak out on the wrongs I see.   I am free to educate my children as I think necessary.

I have been saved by Grace.  I am loved.  I am free.

Be Thank-full.  Be a Blessing today!