One Day at the Farmory

Saturday was a yummy day at MPO.  I started with Bacon Lover’s Quiche for lunch.

MPO 001

Organic, local eggs (soy-free, of course) bacon and assorted roasted veggies.  As I walked around the MarketPlace, I noticed Louella’s Toffee had really cute treats for Halloween.

MPO 013 MPO 012

Yes, they are organic Rice Crispie Treats.  Made with her organic, home-made marshmallows.  Really!

Movin’ on.  Elizabeth’s Artisan Foods had Braided Brioches (organic, of course) and other delectable items.

MPO 020 MPO 005 MPO 019

I needed a little snack, so I sampled the Macaroni and Cheese from The Farmory Plate.  Yes, Meal 2 of the day.

MPO 010

Yes, we do actually put sauerkraut on most everything!  Organic Quinoa Mac n’ Cheese on a bed of spinach, topped with MPO Kraut.

For a little exercise, I carried the 13 POUND sweet potato, grown by Tyson Hill Farms, around for a bit.

MPO 006

Had a visit with Sweet Nancy…

MPO 021

Caught Daisy Voigt of Sugar Pine Realty, hard at work…

MPO 018

Time for dessert?  Absolutely!  Persimmon Tart (Raw, Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free….DELICIOUS) or Three-Milk Cake, smothered in Pineapple and Whipped Cream!  Amazing.  A few  Tyson Hill grapes to finish and cleanse the palette.


MPO 003

Need Coffee or Tea?  See Libby or Shannon at Sierra Coffee Company.

MPO 024

Michelle was having her computer worked on at Safer PC, so she relaxed in the “Kid Zone” and watched Frozen.

MPO 015

Debra, at Second Wind Consignment, working the crowd 🙂

MPO 011

Debra organized my Market Basket display for me.  Thank you!

MPO 017

Sierra Hillside Garden has been faithfully bringing REALLY local produce to the MarketPlace all season.  They are less than 2 miles from the Farmory.  They plan on continuing right through the winter months.  Yeah!

MPO 025

Our most colorful addition to the MarketPlace is certainly High Sierra Tie-Dye.

MPO 022

Leslie Hurst, Hurst Ranch and Rawhide Meats, is always working hard!  Those freezers are full of grass-fed beef.

MPO 028

Jo, of Louella’s Toffee, is always talking to someone….

MPO 030

Laura, of Artemisia Herbals, hard at work!

MPO 034

Kendra, The Honey Lady, multi-tasking.

MPO 031

Still hungry?  How about a cookie from Alicia’s Sugar Shack?  Or a Gluten-Free Scone with Lemon Curd or Muffin?  Available from Sierra Coffee Company.

MPO 035 MPO 004

The tea of the day was Pine-Needle Tea with Hibiscus and Rose Hips.  I thought we could all use some Vitamin C.

Think I am kidding?  I really ate all that in one day.  I shared some with my husband, but mostly I was just really well nourished.  And best of all, I got up the next day one pound LESS 🙂  Real Food, really nourishes body and soul!

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