Bulk Bucket Shopping


I believe everyone should eat a simpler, healthier diet.  Folks have moved away from eating Real Food, to eating processed food-like products.  The grocery stores are filled with tens of thousands of different food products.  But FOOD is actually pretty simple.  If you have a well-stocked pantry, you can prepare nutrient-dense food anytime.

If you have been into The Farmory, you know I like jars.  Jars are really handy-dandy.  You can organize anything.

Bulk in jars  Dollar-Store-Beautiful-Pantry

Start collecting some that are matchy-matchy if you are that type.  I’m not.  I use gallon jars, mostly.  All shapes and sizes.  Stacked one on top of the other, depending on what I used last.  I have lots of jars.  I  fill my jars from the Bulk Buckets. Grains, Nuts, Beans, Flours, Sweets, Dried Fruit, Oil, Maple Syrup.  From my jars I can make almost anything.

Why do I want YOU to shop the Buckets?  Because I know that a significant portion of your grocery money is going into packaging and labeling and handling and advertising and “Product-Placement” of food-like products.  Don’t be fooled and trapped by the slick marketing.

Only 1 example is needed.  Oatmeal.   You could buy Instant Oats in a handy-dandy little package.  All seasoned up, ready to add water for a quick breakfast. You can buy, today from Amazon, Quaker Oats, Variety Pack.  52 little packages of assorted flavors for $16.69.   In total, you get 4 pounds 7 ounces of oatmeal.  A great bargain at .32 cents per package. Right?

Not so much.   Added sodium is usually about 200mg.  Average 12 grams of added sugar. Not to mention the Preservatives, Additives, Natural Flavors, etc.  It’s not organic, though they do have an organic line, and Quaker is owned by PepsiCo.

You can buy Organic regular oats from the Bulk Buckets for $1.20 per pound.  Add a bit of maple syrup, raw milk, and  butter, and you now have a delicious, nutritious, quick breakfast that nourishes your body.  The argument that you can’t afford Organics is simply not true.  Perhaps you can’t afford the fancy pre-packaged organics sold in the Grocery Stores, but you can certainly afford to stock your pantry from the Bulk Buckets.

Start by deciding NOT to buy so many “convenience” or food-like items.   Simplify your diet.  Replace processed foods with Real Food. Read the ingredients.  Once you decide not to consume any particular ingredient, don’t buy anything with that ingredient.  I started with High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Never bought another thing with that in it.  Pretty soon, I was ready to eliminate more ingredients.  As you clean out your cupboards, and your gut, things get better.  Your taste buds adapt.  Your sugar cravings get more manageable.  (Yes, sugar is as addictive as cocaine).  Pretty soon, you are soaking your grains and making home-made bread or your own special sauerkraut.  Good for you!

The only caveat I will add is this.  If you are really super sensitive to gluten, I would not shop the Buckets because of cross-contamination.  You can however, still buy from my Buckets.  Just ask me to help you get your product from a newly-opened bag, using a really clean scoop.  I will help you.  Or you can buy directly from Azure Standard.  Either way, you can still make bulk shopping work for you.

I want you to shop in the Bulk Buckets at the Farmory because  I love to witness the transformation of health and I love when folks discover how easy and affordable Real Food actually is to prepare.

See you at The Farmory!