It was a great week at The Farmory.  We introduced “The Farmory Plate”  to the MarketPlace and we ate lots of great food.  The problem was that I could never find a food vendor willing to serve all organic, nutrient dense, real food. So we created it ourselves.

Mason Jar Salads, Mac n’ Cheese, Tacos, Sloppy Joes, Salmon Salad Sandwiches, Tortilla-Wrapped Organic Hot Dogs, Eat Your Veggies Soup, Fruit Tarts, Raw Chocolate Coconut Silk Pie.  Yum!  The menu will always be changing, depending on the season and the Chef.  Of course, we garnish most everything with Sauerkraut!  Available to eat at the Farmory, or take home.  We want to provide nourishing, real food at an affordable price.

The seasons are gradually changing and we are anticipating the closing of the Sonora Farmers Market after next Saturday.  It will be wonderful for us to still have access to Farmers growing fresh, local produce all winter, as we will stay open all year.

We have been in the building for almost 1 year.  We moved into the old National Guard Armory in December, 2013.  We have worked hard to rescue and old, quirky, mostly empty building with no working bathrooms, no heat, no running water or kitchen.   I think we are on the right track.  I know we have picked up lots of new neighbors that have no idea where we suddenly “appeared” from.  Welcome to the Community!   Those who have walked the path this last year with us, thanks for sticking it out.  We are going in the right direction.

We have plans for many things, but time and budget must be considered.   My primary focus is, and must always be, my family first.  The work will get done; the Food Forest will get planted, the brick-oven will get built, the walls will get painted, the signs will get better, the floors will get swept and mopped, the building will be filled with the right vendors, the vendors will settle into the perfect space, and we will keep nourishing our families with healthy, nourishing food.

From the time God gave  me a vision of what this space could be, until now, I have been blessed.  Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!

Be Blessed today!